Together our choices and actions can bring about great change. Join us in the fight against marine litter and our mission to support local communities and the circular economy. ROBOS is an official partner of the Seaqual Initiative.



SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a community of individuals, organizations and companies working together to help clean our oceans, raise awareness of the issue of marine litter and highlight those helping to fight it.


SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works with ocean clean-ups around the world to bring value to the waste that they recover.


SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works with the waste management and recycling industries to transform marine litter into SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC, so that leading brands and manufacturers can create inspiring sustainable products. See here our sustainable fabric including the Seaqual fabric called oceanclean.

Today, all transformation of marine plastic by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE takes place in Europe. This marine plastic has been retrieved by ocean clean-ups in Europe, the Mediterranean and the west coast of Africa. SEAQUAL INITIATIVE recognizes the importance of providing local solutions to global problems and markets. For that reason, SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is preparing to transform locally retrieved marine litter from local organizations at strategic locations around the world, starting with Asia and Central and North America.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is committed to supporting local communities to improve their waste management and recycling infrastructure.

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