We are ROBOS

Making ideas happen since 1979


We are more than the finished product that meets the eye. We are everything in between. We are the project, the product and the service afterwards. We are the first in and the last ones out. We ensure it all.

Our story in time


ROBOS founded

Roel Bosch Agency


1st Delivery to holiday resort

Outdoor furniture of Gran Dorado


Take-over Hoffscholze

Start delivery hospitality indoor furniture



To Dalfsen


1st Furniture cruise project

First delivery


New building

Warehouse and offices


1st full project leisure

Blackstone project Centerparcs Eemhof


1st full project cruise

Norwegian Breakaway


Passed away

ROBOS founder Roel Bosch


New build

Extra offices


New application

Working smarter


Launch ROBOS 2.0

Improved digital work processes

Sascha Bosch


Work hard, think big, but start small.

Strong in delegating. Can't live without being surrounded by good people, but also can't live without Apple® gadgets. Is good at putting the right people in the right place.

Aletta Bosch


I am proud on what we have achieved with the ROBOS team.

Financial & CRM professional. Keeps everybody on track. Can be woken up at night for good music.

Uschi Bosch


Above all, continue

Is ROBOS' financial powerhouse. Performs the administration with German 'punktlichkeit.' Doesn't like sitting still.

Richard Jansen

Executive purchasing & logistics

I want projects to be arranged to absolute perfection.

Captain who's crazy about schedules. Often the last one out the door privately or in the business and considers humor and passion very important. Gives his ROBOS team a lot of freedom and responsibility.

Coen Duijndam

sr. Key Accountmanager

In for a penny, in for a pound.

Loves working with a nice close-knit group of people. Loves music and is a man of his word. Works for ROBOS on projects that are created in the most beautiful places in the world.

Joey Bartels

Business controller

You learn from your mistakes, don't be afraid to make them. But admit them and make sure you fix them properly.

Gets energy from fantastic collaborations and cheerful people around him.

Monique Mik

Sales & purchase cruise

We don't think in problems, but in solutions.

Pacemaker. Is a special combination of creativity and accuracy. Can't live without festivals and a good glass of wine.

Maarten van der Kamp

Logistics manager

A day without laughter is a day wasted

Is down-to-earth and isn't afraid of a challenge. Gets energy from an empty and tidy warehouse. Prefers to think in terms of challenges than in terms of problems.

Harry Volkerink

Project office

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

Is enthusiastic and no-nonsense. Can't live without the Elsevier, a dutch news magazine. During the sales process, he has an eye for ease of use, budget, and, of course, creating a beautiful picture.

Marja Voort

Sales & purchase cruise

No mountain too high, no sea to deep. We'll make something beautiful!

An animal lover. Prefers to work with tight deadlines. Is proud of the amazing projects that ROBOS creates around the world.

Maarten Wiertz

Sales & purchase cruise

I want to see what all ROBOS can do with large, groundbreaking projects.

Loves technical challenges. Landed a job at ROBOS because of a bottle of whiskey at a neighborhood party and can't live without coffee on Monday mornings.

Gerjan de Groot

Sales & purchase leisure

As the Dutch saying goes: ‘Just act normal, that's crazy enough.

Can't live without his family and friends. My challenge is to make sure that projects run smoothly and without a hitch. Loves the flexibility and congenial atmosphere at ROBOS.

Alma de Vries

Sales & purchase cruise

There is a lot more to discover.

Cannot live without chocolate, love and positivity. Gets inspired by travelling and yoga. Is proud of ROBOS'S versatile international projects.

Dorine Dijsselhof


I want everyone to see us for who we are

Finds inspiration in the things around her. Cannot live without a good, driven team of colleagues. Wants to share the strong identity of family business ROBOS with as many people as possible.

Szidonia Szasz

Sales & purchase leisure

I've never done it, so I think I can do it.

Boasts a broad international network thanks to her Hungarian roots. Is both creative and sporty. Has an eye for detail.

Teun Heuven

Sales & purchase leisure

The customer doesn't need to worry about anything.

Is travel-loving, laid-back, and positive. Can't go without the sun and the beer that goes with it. Would like to combine knowledge and the best materials to create the perfect product.

Maaike Levasseur

Project support

Feeling at home in a family business, even though you're not family. That's truly amazing!

Likes dancing at festivals. Is a flexible and hard worker. Thinks the ROBOS team is the best in the Netherlands.

Jan Harm Jansen

Project leader

Just keep going, there will come an end.

Is allround, flexible, and a bit chaotic. Can't live without a power nap. Is the last indispensable link in the installation of a project and, if necessary, works all night to finish it.

Jojanneke Rekveldt – Bruins


I enjoy the small things.

Family and friends make her happy. Loves socializing and has a contagious smile. Receives satisfaction from the administrative conclusion of a beautiful project.

Marjolein Hummel


Life is what you make of it.

Spontaneous enthusiast. Restyling vintage furniture makes her happy.

She can't go without a good dose of humour, delicious food, and her boys.

Jos Dellemijn


There's is a solution to everything.

A down-to-earth joker. Loves RedBull and fast cars. Ensures a tidy warehouse and a tight schedule as a warehouse manager.

Jan Willem Keizer


I travel around the world for ROBOS

Is ROBOS' first employee.  Pigeon enthusiast, but also loves skiing. Originally a carpenter, he prefers to think in terms of solutions rather than in terms of problems.

Noah Horstman


With great beard, comes great responsibility

Cannot without good music, makes sure everything is where it should be.

Jeroen van der Zee

Project leader


Is a go-getter and is open-minded Strives to deliver quality work. Is flexible in finding solutions.

Wilfred Schipper

Project leader

I do not shy away from a challenge

His enthusiasm makes every day a celebration. Thinks quality is more important than quantity. Gets energy from the cheerful atmosphere at work.

Roelof Bloemert


I'll continue until it is perfect.

Can't live without good tools. Has a solution for every job. Loves not only doing odd jobs at work, but also at home.

Bert Veldhuis


I'm happy with the freedom that ROBOS gives me to make my own choices.

Is always up for a joke. Loves working with his hands and loves hard rock music.  Loves the family atmosphere at ROBOS.

Hennie Potgraven


Even the most beautiful chair will capture dust

Loves strolling through nature. Ensures that all ROBOS furniture looks fresh and clean. Can't live without love and her family.