Terhills Resort

By Centerparcs

TerHills resort is a small-scale premium resort where luxury and nature go hand in hand with stylish cottages on the water. The luxury park is more exclusive than other Center Parcs parks. The cottages are divided into accommodation for 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 people. The park is ideal for people looking for peace, nature and luxury.

The Belgian Limburg park consists of 250 new-build cottages, all of which are fitted with custom ROBOS fixed furniture. From headboard to a fireplace cabinet including a safe. Everything has been arranged from A to Z by ROBOS.

The ROBOS team was on-site for a period of 9 months and made sure that everything was moved into place and assembled. The ROBOS project manager was present throughout and therefore the permanent point of contact, which allowed everything to run smoothly.