Celebrity Cruises

It’s about making ideas happen.

For the Celebrity Flora, ROBOS has developed the most beautiful outdoor and indoor furniture for this exclusive cruise ship.  Furniture that had to meet the highest standards to fit the luxury ship. The ROBOS furniture can be found in various rooms on board, such as the Ocean Grill, Quest Stateroom, and Discovery Lounge.


The Celebrity Flora, which belongs to the American shipping company Celebrity Cruises, was built in the Netherlands at Shipyard de Hoop. The most exclusive of ships can accommodate only 100 passengers and 80 crew members. The ship is unique in that all passengers and crew can stay in any room at the same time. The Flora travels around the Galapagos islands. Passengers are able to stroll and snorkel amidst iguanas, sea lions, turtles, and the famous blue-footed booby.

As the Galapagos Islands is a protected nature reserve, emissions must be as low as possible. This is accomplished by the newly-designed hull, which ensures that the Celebrity Flora uses 15% less fuel.