Floor-fixed tables

Why do table bases often have to be secured on board? Most commonly, table bases on ships are secured in order to minimize them shifting.

Most commonly, table bases on ships are secured in order to minimize them shifting. This is especially relevant for large buffet restaurants and crew areas, to guarantee a fixed arrangement.

Is the prescribed design always suitable?

No, certainly not. Sometimes, a prescribed table (base) is unsecured. Our challenge in such cases is to turn this into a fixed base without affecting the design. Naturally, we do everything in close consultation with the architect. We also take a close look at the requirements of the space and e.g., apply a stainless-steel base plate, to allow the carpet to be cleaned with (a lot of) water without the risk of rust.

How does the preparation for delivery and assembly of table bases take place?

We deliver the base plate including M16 bolt to the yard, allowing it to be attached to the floor during construction. This sometimes happens as early as six months before we come to assemble the furniture. The advantage of preparing in this manner is that we no longer have to consider the thickness of the finishing floor. Thanks to our anti-rotation system, we can ensure that there is no chance of the table base rotating. After all, even minimal play in the base can cause considerable play in the tabletop.

How has our approach changed over the years?

For the past year, ROBOS has set up a project office internally which provides the link between procurement and logistics. The main goal of the project office is to ensure the smooth and manageable delivery of projects. The project office maintains control over delivery by keeping short lines of communication with the yard and the outfitters, as well as with the shipping company.

Do you have a table that needs to be modified to a floor-mounted model?

Let us know at info@robos.nl