Concrete & Robos working on two projects together.

Redefining the holiday experience!

What do the Dutch companies Concrete Amsterdam and ROBOS Dalfsen have in common? That they have been involved in 2 projects together. And both projects are about redefining the holiday experience.

Virgin Voyages | Scarlet Lady

Virgin Journeys – Scarlet Lady Virgin Voyages’ design concept is called ‘the Modern Romance of Sailing’, building on the company’s mission to redefine what people expect from a seaside holiday, creating an Epic Sea Change For All. Concrete was responsible for the design of, among others, the following spaces:

Athletics club
Water club
Sun club
Gym & tonic

And ROBOS on the other hand is the largest furniture supplier of not only the Scarlet Lady, but also the follow-on ships
such as Vailiant Lady, Resilient Lady and we are currently working on the design of Briliant Lady.
Read more about the design of Scarley Lady.

Center Parcs Bispingen ‘bringing people together in nature’

Concrete crafted a contemporary experience, centred around togetherness and nature. The core of Concrete’s design is the concept of ‘bringing people together in nature’. This is achieved by creating intimate spaces where guests can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with a living room in between to connect.

A large dining table is central to the living room and kitchen, designed so that you don’t have to put away the board game when the six of you are having dinner.
Another element that brings people together within Center Parcs is the corner sofa. Concrete had designed the sofa in such a way that guests can vary the layout, whereby sitting apart together is now possible. From sketch to final product, ROBOS contributed to the design and implementation of the modular sofa. The sofa has been thought out down to the last detail, from the soft curves of the backrest to the comfortable subtle curves on the seat and the stitching seams on the back. This modular couch is like a chameleon, changing its style to fit any space!

A sustainable fabric called Oceanclean from Seaqual has been selected for the sofa. This fabric consists of upcycled marine plastic. You can find this fabric in our ROBOX sample box. The sofa is equipped with loose covers so that the sofa is easy to clean and can be replaced if the cover is damaged.