Scarlet Lady
bringing a new concept to sea

From idea to award-winning cruise

Bringing an award-winning new concept to sea – and to the overall cruise line industry. Named ‘Best New Cruise Ship’ in 2021. We introduce: Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady. A ship that takes cruising to a next level – with a little help from ROBOS. We made ideas happen. Provided endless possibilities. We offered creative innovation. We were Virgin’s partner in logistics. Let’s set sail.

From the drawing table to finished product – and beyond

A new era for sea travel is here. A premium take on a luxury cruise ship, demands a premium take on its design and lay-out. That is where we pitch in. As a previous furnishing partner of Virgin, we were quickly considered for this project. The wants and needs? Custom-made furniture, applicable materials for pre-designed ideas from their designers and a high-end service overall. From the drawing table at Virgin Voyages – until the moment Scarlet Lady was shipped to sea (pun intended). ROBOS created, innovated, and delivered.

Sustainability during this project

Meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. ROBOS feels responsible for the environment and its resources –that is why we focus on our quality. Focusing on our quality ensures that our furniture lasts longer and needs to be replaced less quickly. ROBOS furniture – durable and sustainable.


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