Saxum + Firmum

work in progress

In addition to fitting out cruise ships and holiday parks, ROBOS is now also involved in fitting out rental apartments. Generally speaking, the ROBOS (assembly) team is used to being on the road a lot, and we often work abroad. But this time, we were able to stay close to home.

Saxum & Firmum is a new party for ROBOS.
ROBOS came in contact with Saxum & Firmum because an employee of Saxum & Firmum approached us and previously worked for Landal, with which ROBOS has had a long-standing cooperation. Saxum & Firmum real estate is a collaboration between Saxum Vastgoed of Jorgen Kruit and Leon Peters’ Firmum Vastgoed. They focus on developing affordable, fully equipped apartments with a luxurious atmosphere. Currently, ROBOS is working on two of Saxum & Firmum’s locations: the Belastingflat Emmen & Koeslag Hardenberg. In Emmen, 74 apartments,¬†and in Hardenberg, 30 apartments are under construction.
ROBOS will furnish the bedroom with a bespoke luxury black wardrobe in several versions. The team will assemble this cabinet on-site and in the intended location.
The project commenced in week 51. Hardenberg is now completely ready, and in Emmen the first apartments will be available for rent starting this week