The making of the console for the solarium suite

Utopia of the Seas

We often work on long term projects. Sometimes, the time between the first request and the final result is about 2 years or even more. We would like to show you a glimpse into this process by showing you an example of a custom-made item from initial drawing to final result.

We have delivered no less then 8121 furniture items including 6571 custom made items on the Utopia of the Seas!  To show you the process, we have selected the console for the living room of the Solarium Suite. The solarium suite is a new venue and offers a 280 degree view on the front of the ship. The suite will feature a beautiful, large living space, with a sofa, comfortable chairs, and a giant flat-screen tv. In the living room you’ll find also a custom made console with drawers covered with leather in a beautiful design. The console is made in Europe!

Solarium suite console