News 20-06-2023

Cruise & Ferry

Have you seen the new Cruise & Ferry interiors magazine already? It’s full of information about the latest cruise projects! Download the magazine

News 27-02-2023

Saxum + Firmum

In addition to fitting out cruise ships and holiday parks, ROBOS is now also involved in fitting out rental apartments. Generally speaking,...

News 07-02-2023

Military ship

ROBOS has over 20 years of experience furnishing cruise ships. But today we are able to add a new dimension to our portfolio....

Materials & fabrics 15-11-2022


Cushions are an essential part of furniture. Cushions provide comfort and add a finishing touch to an interior. ROBOS supplies cushions in...

Innovations 02-02-2022

Climbing sofa

People around the world are always looking for the very best places to recharge. We bring these places to life with specific...

Materials & fabrics 05-01-2022


Explore the endless possibilities of custom made furniture by the ROBOX. Next to the indoor and outdoor samples you will also find...